Good Reads and Restlessness

I’ve got a major thirst for adventure. I’ve only been at this place I’m calling home for three weekends, and I’m itching to get out. I know I have an amazing trip coming up in two weeks, but were I still in school, I’d be finishing my Masters in Education and starting spring break. I’ve got friends who are one day away from spring break, and I admit I’m rather jealous. I would love to drive to the airport, jump on a plane for California or Colorado or New York or wherever and simply go and have a fantastic time. I wouldn’t mind staying here so much hiking and enjoying the mountains, except for the part where it hasn’t stopped raining in three days. Followed by the part where it’s supposed to rain for the next week. Gah. Someone rescue me from Washington?

Since I don’t really get to leave like I’d like, I try to find books where I can have vicarious travel experiences by reading memoirs, travel guides, and simply works of fiction that depict new places. I’ve been a little bored with my reading lately, since I finished the phenomenal Quiet  a few weeks ago, and I’m trying to figure out what to sink myself into. I just finished Digital Dead End, a rather dry yet unique book looking at the effects of modern technology on underprivileged women. I’ll be citing it in the training I’m giving next week for my AmeriCorps team on Digital Connections and Social Media, and in that context, it is interesting. Otherwise, the author, Virginia Eubanks, a woman who worked with a YWCA in New York , posits a perspective that I likely would not have considered. Hopefully having done this research benefits my presentation. I’m also reading a memoir written about living with Asperger’s called Look Me In The Eye, and a book my dad sent me called When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box, a book that is more or less about living a life with your priorities straight and remembering that all earthly and material things will come to pass. These books are all fairly good, but none of them are amazing enough to truly draw me in.

I want an adventure and I don’t care if it’s imaginary or not. I want a book, a movie, a hike, or a weekend trip that will shake up my routine and wake me up; something that will utterly rock my mind and renew my spirit. I joined goodreads today, thinking that might bring me a spark of something. I’m hoping something good will come this weekend, though right now I don’t really know what that means. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. The weekend is almost here, but for now, it’s time to read and try to head to bed.