Predictions that Fail to Match Reality

Prediction 1

Weatherman’s prediction for today: Rain with a chance of snow in the early morning

Reality: Up to three inches of snow into the late morning. Rain with peroidic breaks for sun and slush. An afternoon hailstorm followed by wind and more rain. Calm night, followed by more rain and potential snow as the night grows late and temperatures drop.

Prediction 2

Prediction for the kids’ after being told that we’ll be a little short-staffed this week: It may be more difficult to give each child the one-on-one attention we hope they always recieve here.

Reality: We’re going to be missing a third of our staff at various points of the week so you’ll all need to work extra hard to make sure the kids remember it’s not okay to take things that aren’t theirs, to leave the room without asking permission, and to sit and listen quietly while they’re being called to line up for the buses at the end of the day. And oh, by the way, some of them have decided that they can’t keep their hands to themselves, and they won’t listen to a thing you say. Good luck, and I’ll check in with you tomorrow to see how things went.

Prediction 3

Prediction for a hang out with a girl I met at the Spanish meetup group a few weeks ago: We’ll chat and have a nice evening after work and before bedtime when the work day will begin again.

Reality: Meeting up with not one, but two amazingly interested girls in their late twenties who have come here from different states, who like to read, travel, have considered going back to grad school, do communications work in some form or another, and have close connections with people who work in education and social services.

Things didn’t turn out the way I expected, but I’ll take the first two in stride if I get the third one thrown in. I can’t believe that this town has people I can actually have an extended conversation with upon brief introduction.