A Grown Up Tea Party for Babies

On this very day, I am attending a tea-party themed baby shower for two baby girls. It promises to be a magnificent affair. This party is for and with some women from my church. They’re the ones who have had a few years practice with wedding and baby showers, and are pretty much on their second or third kids. All of that experience with showers means that they’ve coordinated a party with matching serving dishes, china, flowers, a tea buffet, and games that have a little more creativity than the standard fair at baby showers.  I am contributing two desserts to this extravaganza. Otherwise, I’ll simply be there as an observer into something that could be a more regular part of my life in a few short years.

Yesterday I baked some lemon sponge tea cakes with (poorly) candied lemon slices on top, along with some almond-raspberry cupcakes topped with a chocolate buttermilk frosting, raspberries, and cocoa pearls. It took a while and I had fun, but I am a little worried that even these will reveal my youth next to everything else that’s set in place for today’s event. I realize this is silly, however, I still feel it. As soon as I post this, I need to go scour my closet for something that I feel is appropriate for a baby shower and the rainy, 40 degree weather. I’m used to attending showers and events like this in the spring and summer, and I don’t have many winter clothes that I consider baby-shower cute.

Lemon juice, lemon zest, and a lemon slice on top. These cupcakes are almost like eating a lemon raw, with plenty sugar added, of course.

One bite wonders, along with one that may take 3-4 bites to finish. Eggs fluff up these pretty little cakes so they are very light.

These Almond Raspberry Cupcakes took a while, but they smell so delicious and look pretty, too!