Rosemary Bread and Spring Buds

If you’ve been paying attention to my blog postings and their various topics, you might have realized that I almost always post something about delicious food that I’ve made on Sunday evenings. This week stays true to form as I celebrate the advent of tolerable weather and try to not concentrate on the cough in my chest that is growing worse as the days go by.

It’s no secret that I miss the sunshine and warm weather of California. Spring has always been my favorite season because it is the time when days warm up, the sun goes down after I get home from my day at work, and singing birds and flower blossoms make their annual debut. I’ve waited through several months of cold and rain for a day where the weather would hint at warmer days ahead, and today was that day. I heard the birds chirping, saw several flower buds, and even saw the thermometer go past 50 degrees this afternoon.

I attempted a blueberry breakfast cake this morning. The cake didn’t hold together, and I experienced the rare “Baking Fail” that I usually avoid admitting. Oops.

In order to redeem myself and not call today a wash with my baking and cooking, I pulled out my mini-bread machine (1 loaf capacity) and baked some Rosemary Bread. I picked up my bread machine at the local Goodwill back in the fall for $1.29, no joke. I tend to make 2/3rds the size of a normal recipe, but for just me, it’s not that big a deal. The loaves are circular and tall, which is a rather silly shape, but tonight, it the dome-like top is going to turn into a bread bowl for some tomato soup that I’m going to fix for dinner. My throat has been sore for several days, and soup sounds pretty tasty right about now.

The bread is soft with a perfect light golden crust. The rosemary sprinkles add to the dimension and taste of the bread. And now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to actually try this bread bowl idea.