Kids’ Crafts: Rock Art

Yesterday we had a fun and creative project option for the kids for their “Free Friday.” I miss half of these due to some AmeriCorps team meetings, and thanks to my trip last month, it’s been several weeks since I’ve actually been around for one. Two girls had discovered a book of rock art designs at the library and wanted to make their own rock creations, so we set out to make it happen. My supervisor set up tarps under work tables, pulled out all of our paint colors, and sent me out with some of our junior volunteers to gather rocks laying around the property.

We set up buckets of water at each table with paint brushes and rags for kids to dry their brushes and hands on after cleaning them in the water, and then the fun really began. My role facilitating¬†this activity really meant refilling paint colors for all the kids and policing the splattering of paint that almost entirely stayed contained to the kids’ trays and tables. The kids largely got to play with the paint, mixing colors and using their imaginations to create dinosaur eggs, butterflies, and polka dotted masterpieces. As a whole, this project took some effort to set up and clean up, but it was worth every minute.