Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! Hopefully you’ve done something out of the ordinary today on this day that only comes around every presidential election year. Today we celebrated the day at work by creating these play dough frogs with the kids in our after school program. I used one of many play dough recipes I found on Pinterest and added some green glitter for extra goodness. After two days of no outside time, the girls were hyped up much more than my currently sore throat wanted to deal with.  I asked the girls make up a story about a certain Mr. Frog, one sentence at a time. Predictably, he fell in love with a lady, got married, and had lots of children, who also had many children. Only for the girls, it was articulated more that “they got 155,000 babbies.” Sigh.I love creating things, especially when the kids get excited about it, but there are always little things that catch me up and remind me how much work it is to assist these kids academically.

In general, I’m feeling a little down as well. It’s been one week since I returned from my fantastic week in Florida and life here in Washington seems dull by comparison. I go to work, I try to make it to the gym, and I read my books at night. I learned the meaning of “wintery mix” in the form of an entire day of snowy rain and rainy snow with 37 degree weather that couldn’t quite decide which type of precipitation it wanted. Spring is my favorite season, and I wish that I could have a piece of it, instead of coldness and wetness each and every day. I tried making a more-complicated-than-a-normal-weekday dinner tonight, with both recipes I tried turning out decently, but probably not as great as they could have been. I made Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon, and Quinoa Tabbouleh. They don’t necessarily go together, but I pinned both of them (Pinterest, again) to my “Must try: Foods!” board in the last week and thought I’d make good on my intentions.

This blog, my social networks, e-mail, and phone have all been pretty silent and inactive over the past few days, a phenomenon that reinforces the idea of a dull life. I guess it’s time for me to wait out the season, and look forward to more activity whenever things finally warm up around here. At least my books are more interesting than simply waiting for time to pass.