Time to Reset

Yesterday I managed to almost miss my first flight, almost have an entire row of seats to myself, and almost get into a small altercation with a young mom who had a few too many mini-vodka bottles on our flight from Chicago to Seattle. We bumped heads as we eat tried to reach for our luggage in the overhead storage bins when arrived in Seattle. She thought it was the guy in front of her, and I hate to admit it, but me and my timid self didn’t correct her.

However, before all of that flying happened, I had one last glorious day in Miami South Beach where I got to stick my feet in the ocean and walk along the sand.We also got to attend our second art show in a week and eat some fish tacos with more key limes in the evening. I said goodbye to Angeline and thanked her for a lovely time. I was able to relax, see some amazing sights, and eat delicious food. This was the first time in my life that I’d taken a solo trip across the country, and I think it’s an experience that I should repeat. Time to think of which other random parts of the country my friends have moved to.

I seem to have this thing for the sun. Now it’s time to start the count down to my next trip. Anyone in a sunny location in need of a visit?