Five Tasty Eats: One meal, Four Desserts

One of the best things about being on vacation is getting to eat delicious food. I’ve eaten out for lunch the past couple of days, but it’s been a home cooked meal, plus some desserts, that have truly made me smile.

It’s been a couple of days of trying new things, and each of them have left me saying yum.

First up, banana creme. It’s frozen bananas, pureed. It’s healthy, and tasty.

I got my first taste of some macarons. I’ve read about them, seen them, and now, I’ve tasted them.

We sampled passion fruit, raspberry, cappuccino, and rosewater. The raspberry was probably my favorite. Passion fruit was very sweet, and rosewater won the award for originality. Not a bad thing to try, but also not something that I’m going to continue investing in.

Today, we tried one healthy dessert and one not-so-healthy one. Both recipes came from pinterest, and ended up in our stomachs.

Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies

The caramel apple cookies tasted fantastic, but the honey yogurt pops were a little too sweet. We didn’t have popsicle molds so we simply used cupcake tins. Next time, just yogurt and berries. Nothing else.

After all those sweets we needed something more substantial to fill our stomachs. Taking up a suggestion from my friend Emma to enjoy some Key Limes while I am so close to the Florida Keys (I’m visiting Key Largo tomorrow), we had some Key Lime Shrimp for dinner. We added some snow peas and cous cous to make it a full meal, and our day of happy eating came to a limey end.