Grey Skies Turned to Blue

In high school, my biology lab partner not-so-affectionately called me strawberry due to my amazing ability to turn bright pink very quickly. Whether from embarrassment or sun exposure, my skin tends to change from its usual pasty whiteness in a relatively short period of time. Since I moved to Washington, I haven’t gotten much sun exposure. Dark grey clouds hang overhead most of the time and it’s been months since I have been “warm”. I haven’t worn shorts or a T-shirt since August, and here on my first morning in Miami, I braced myself for the sun.

After lathering on sunscreen and dusting off my sunglasses, I went for a walk about the little island that I’m staying on during this trip, and I was blown away. The view of downtown, cruise ships, nature, and dozens of people running or rollerblading populate a skyline otherwise spotted with palm trees, and to you I give my first impressions of this land of South Florida.