The Smilemobile and a Simple Meal

This week is about as out of the ordinary as one can be for me, which is all kinds of exciting. Today I made it to my second spin class and started “shelf reading” as a library volunteer, but it’s my work day and meal that were unusual for me, though their oddities are probably quite normal for others.

Normally, I spend my mornings sitting in an office, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, assisting with donations, and searching the internet. Today I got to help out with a mobile dental clinic aimed at providing dental care for low-income families. Like some other programs, we schedule appointments and assist with services, even though out agency itself isn’t directly providing the service. For this one day, I turned into a medical assistant. After scheduling appointments over the past several weeks, I knew what services this clinic would provide, and I was curious to see how it would look. I spent a few hours of my day at the local elementary school where the Smilemobile parked itself. I assisted families with their files and chatted with my fellow AmeriCorps member in between clients.

Lunchtime came right before the appointments began, and for the first (and possibly only) time this year, I ate my lunch in a teacher’s lounge. I got a couple of compliments on the curry I’d brought, but for the most part I sat silent, observing. Even when I was student teaching, I rarely made it into the teacher’s lounge because it was far away from our classroom and I had to make it back across Sacramento for my graduate courses. During today’s midday meal, I got to hear the principal talk about his personalized pew at church, and to teachers talking about the best way to cure a hangover and why no one should vote for Newt Gingrich. This conversation made me miss being in a school, but I’m pretty sure it was the novelty of the experience that made it interesting to me.

After a 5 am-7 pm day, I wanted something simple for dinner. This was my last dinner at home before I leave for my trip, so I had to scrounge around a bit to find a decent meal. Remember how I said my day was unusual for me, yet ordinary for others? It’s because of this meal.

I threw together all the leftover veggie pieces I had laying around, added some red pepper flakes, cheese, and a couple of eggs to make a messy and veggie-ful scrambled egg plate. I’m really not a fan of eggs. I don’t dislike them…I’ve just never really enjoyed them. Maybe I’d like them better if I could master omelet flipping. I don’t know.  Anyway, even with a nearly empty fridge as ours is now, I’ve got lots of eggs left over from who knows what baking adventure. I thought it might be good to use them, and after my gooey orange, yellow, and green mass came together, I thought I’d toss on some more color and flavor with some salsa. I added a whole wheat English muffin and a small cup of milk, and therein lay my relatively healthy breakfast for dinner.