Sociability and Goal Setting

I hit my end of the month work out goal this morning, on the 6th day of the month. My goals was to make it to a 5:45 spin class, and I did that. I woke up before 5:30, ate half a banana with some peanut butter, scraped the ice off my car in 30 degree weather, and made my way up to the gym. 25 stationary bicycle miles and one treadmill mile later, I came to a realization.

While I was enjoying listening to old school rock music and the class instructor’s orders, I started thinking and arrived at the conclusion that I need to set bigger goals for myself.

Yes, my mind is simply that obstinate that it keeps going even when I’m trying to focus on resistance and rpm’s and posture and breath and the guy to my right that I’m supposedly passing as we all climb a steep hill. In the midst of all of those things, I started thinking about what keeps me going through my daily activities.

I tend to make small, short term attainable goals, and then work really hard at accomplishing them. I achieve them, and then I wait around until inspiration strikes again. In the past few months, those goals have been about making a craft I’d seen online or reading a certain number of pages or correctly making recipes. Now, I’m building more goals about getting involved in my community and with advocacy efforts. I’m joining a Spanish conversational group over some Mexican food at a local restaurant tonight for the first time, and next week I have an orientation to volunteer more time at a local library.

It’s time to close my books and appreciate the world around me. Knowledge will always be available, but these people will not. I can always find a new craft to do, but I’ll only get one first shot at a community based group. It’s time to be social, and time to figure out what I really want to get out of this recently rediscovered commitment to the gym.