Love from Home

One of the things that makes living this whole adult, out-of-state, on my own life is knowing that there’s a loving family behind me,, supporting me however they can. My mom sent me a Valentine’s care package today with some delicious cookies, chocolate, cooking towels and and a spatula. We bond over a love of baking, and of sharing those baked goods.

It’s been a month since I saw them last, but a day isn’t right if I don’t hear from them in some form or fashion. Texts, e-mails, and phone calls keep me strong and keep loneliness at bay, as best as anyone could. I miss my home, my cat, and my friends, but it’s great to have this little piece of home up here.

It’s a quiet night tonight. One spent at home munching on delicious chocolate, watching online shows, and dreaming of future homes with the perfect combination of light, colors, and comfort. Can it be a reality, or am I destined just to dream?