Hitting the Gym by 6 AM

I think I got tired of sitting around all the time, wishing I could get a glimpse of sunshine. I made two choices this weekend to start feeling better: I’m taking B & D vitamins, and I’m going to the gym. There are a few reasons for doing it now, and I hope they get me through. I’d love to make it to the scheduled morning Step and Cycling classes, but that means getting there no later than 5:45, which seems quite early, I must admit.

Still, there are reasons for making this a part of my life, and I hope they’re enough to keep up this commitment:

1) I want to be in better shape so that I can do outdoor sports in the next few months- snowshoeing, hiking, maybe even trying to do a short race for the first time in my life.

2) I’ve tried exercising at home. It doesn’t work very well for me. I’m too comfy there, and cold, so instead of getting into gear, I make excuses and then curl up with a blanket.

3) Much as I’d like to deny it, my pants have gotten a little more snug over the past few months, and that’s something I’m simply not okay with.

4) I learned years ago that when I feel depressed or anxious, exercising is the best remedy because it allows me to physically release some of the things I’m holding inside.

5) I have had trouble sleeping for the past few weeks, which is usually an indicator that I’m not exerting enough energy during the day.

6) Jump-starting my body seems to help me use more energy from my breakfast, and makes me less hungry over the course of the morning.

7) I’m going to Miami in two weeks. Putting on a swimsuit for the first time of the year is always a traumatic experience, but doing this in February after living in Washington for these past several months has made my normal white shade even lighter. I’m not looking forward to that moment of truth.

Right now I’m struggling to stay awake after two days of this. The woman working at the check in this morning told me to give it a little while to adjust, but I don’t know how long it takes.

How long does it take to get used to a new routine? What gives you the motivation to exercise day after day? Any advice for getting into this new routine?