A Quiet Weekend of Good Eating

Last week was definitely one without a lot of extra energy for me. I didn’t get around to making everything feel normal again until Saturday. Only yesterday did I unpack from my nights at friends’ places and finish the dishes from our dark days the week before. Now, everything is back to normal, and I’ve got some new recipes to prove it.

This weekend, I finally re-joined a gym after my last membership expired when I graduated from Davis (so now you’ll find me at the Y-M-C-A), read three books, did some laundry, and cooked some great meals.

I think the one thing that is clear from all of this is that I would like summer to return. I’m using berries & fresh veggies to combat the rain and gloom from outside. It was great to have a friend over for dinner tonight; it made this place feel a little less empty.

The recipes were gathered from around the web, from searches, Pinterest, and Budget Bytes.  The one thing they had in common? Each one made my weekend a little bit better. Thank God for good food and friends to share it with!