Family Health Day on MLK Day

Happy Martin Luther King (Jr) Day everyone. Today is a special day for anyone associated with Americorps, as we all get to pitch in together and “Get Things Done for America.” I mentioned a few days ago that we were hosting a Family Health Day for our community and promised details. In addition to several weeks of planning, gathering donations, finding volunteers, and advertising for the event, I worked several hours this weekend setting up for today’s event.

At our event, we had several different activities and stations for community members to come enjoy. At the event, we had

  • Zumba, Tai Chi, and other Fitness Classes
  • Animal Food Art, Create a Plate Art Activities, and A Food Exploration Station
  • Representatives from the Farmer’s Market, Slow Foods Movement, and a Self-Care Advocate
  • Free massages, shakes, food samples, and fruits and veggies
  • A raffle for a membership at a children’s museum, food from Trader Joe’s, and an hour long stone massage
  • Tasty Tasty Spiders

We had an amazing level of support from the community members who volunteered at the event and donated to Family Health Day. Kohl’s Cares sent five volunteers and will be giving a $500 grant to the Boys and Girls Club where the event was held. Some good community connections were made, and it was fun to see kids, high schoolers, AmeriCorps members and older adults all working together for the same goal of promoting healthy lifestyles.

The event was organized beautifully, and all but two of our confirmed presenters were able to make it. The more regrettable part of the day was that inclement weather kept a lot of people from attending. We had a few people come to the event who were not involved in hosting any activities, but not many.  If the snow had waited till tomorrow, how many people would’ve come? I hoped for more, and am disappointed that even our after celebration where everybody was supposed to come together and talk about their service projects was cancelled.

Two months, two service projects. Now, I’m looking at AmeriCorps terms for next year (2011-2012). Seriously? Yep. I’m thinking about going for round two, only in some place with a little much sun and a little less precipitation.