Powdered White: Snow in the Northwest

People will probably laugh at me this week for my excitement and nervousness about the white stuff decsending from the sky, but you’ve got to remember, I’m from California. I have seen snow before. I have played in it, skied and snowboarded, sledded and inner tubed, made snow people and snow balls, but I’ve never been able to do any of that in the place I call home.

First thing this morning after the sun came up, I bundled up and made two snow people with a sign that says “Austin or Bust!” It’s kind of silly for me to put the sign up today because the snow actually is wonderful. I wish it would’ve held off until the day after our event instead of a couple of days before, but that isn’t something I really have control over. I will be on a plane bound for Austin in about 10 weeks, and Miami is only a month away now.  However, today I discovered that I prefer the novelty of this fluffy white stuff to the drips and drops of rain that usually keep me company here in Olympia. I was worried about how I would fare with the weather up here when I was packing up my stuff last summer, but I’ve got to admit it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Granted, they tell me that this is a very mild winter so I might have felt differently in a more typical year.

The most exciting part is I might get to experience my first snow day this week. For someone who used to live 20 miles from Disneyland where the sun is almost always shining, a snow day is a pretty big deal.

And now I leave you with pictures from today.