MLK Family Health Day drawing near

These past three months have been filled with anticipation for next Monday, January 16th- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. As part of the Americorps contract, we agree to designing a service project on MLK day. Three other young women and I have been planning a family health day  for the past three months. We’re received donations, recruited speakers and volunteers, and advertised our even online, in the newspaper, on a radio station, and in local schools.

I’ll explain more in the future, but right now I’m both excited and dreading this weekend. I learned in December with Operation Santa how much prep goes into an event, and now that we’re one month later, I get to do it all again. This weekend will consist of making signs and informational materials, purchasing fruits and veggies, and organizing three rooms at a local Boys and Girls club where the event will be held on Monday. I’ll let you know more about it after the fact when I can actually report out about the day, but for now it is enough to be happy with the fact that we’re almost to game day.

I had fun this morning making a raffle container for some giveaways that we’re doing for people who attend. We got two spas, a food basket from Trader Joe’s (so I have to put my foot in my mouth after my condemnation of their donation practices), and a six month membership to a local children’s museum. I made the raffle container out of an old oatmeal can and adorned it with all kinds of green things to make it match the idea of “health” that we’re promoting with various food and exercise activities. For many people, this is a three day weekend. For me, it’s a 7 day work week.