Exploration of a Semi-Transparent World

Even though I did not make any formal New Year’s resolutions, I did say that I wanted to get out of the house more in the next few months than I did in the last few months. This means I want to hear music and go to museums, to hike, bike, and eat good food. My first Saturday back brought an excellent start to this with a visit up to Tacoma and their famous glass museum. It’s incredible thinking of everything that people can imagine and create.

I felt particularly inspired by a series Called, “Parenthetically Speaking, It’s Only a Figure of Speech” by Mildred Howard. She drew her inspiration from a poem entitled At The End. One wall held:     (               …)            Those parentheses with the ellipses they possess resounded with me and this time of life. It’s like I’m in a holding tank where I know there is more to come, and yet there is a pause at the same time. It’s something outside of what might be considered a traditional trajectory, yet there is something very valuable there, even though it isn’t quite defined. It’s intangible, but present nonetheless.

Anyway, I’ll suspend my philosophical ponderings

and leave you with pictures from the day. The day was marvelous, darling, simply marvelous.