As you may know, I tend to invest pretty heavily into the intellectual arena. I’m pretty convinced that I have an innate desire to pursue knowledge. Sometimes that takes me to places mentally where I lose sight of what I believe my life is to be about. I’ve got to admit that I’m having a difficult time readjusting to life in Washington after being surrounded by family and friends at home for two weeks. I’m turning to my past writings, images, and favorite quotes for inspiration to finish out the week and readjust to life in the Northwest. This means today I’m reflecting on brilliance. Here’s a quote from two New Years’ past that inspired me at the time. May it give me the strength to serve my kids today, to support them, and inspire them. It’s left over from days when taking a picture of yourself at arms length was cool, but now, it’s just a reminder that I am more than my mind, and I am more than I think I am capable of, even when the voices in my head tell me otherwise.¬†