Summer in January

People like to talk about having Christmas in July, but my experience right now feels rather the reverse.Right now, it feels like summer in January.  My mother has begun to make her own yogurt, which she likes to top with blueberries. I ate some with dinner tonight, and smiled once more as I bit into juicy berries swimming in creamy yogurt. While home, I’ve gotten to eat lettuce, peas, and Swiss Chard from my dad’s winter garden. Eating food from our garden and berries with our meals confuses me. Going for walks in sunny, 60 degree weather feels more like March than January, and only having to wear one layer inside my house instead of two or three likewise makes it feel like we’re closer to summer than we are

The past few weeks in Washington have brought formed a thin layer of ice around my spirit, but that has melted with my visit home. One of the difficult things about living so far away from home is not being a part of a family. I made sure to eat dinner at home every night this trip because I’ve grown to value our family dinners in a way that I did not when I still lived at home. I appreciate how much my parents give to me, and enjoy spending time taking our dogs for walks together, playing cards, and knowing that they will be eating in the kitchen when I wake up in the morning. Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a local community development worker, visiting the dentist, then heading back up to Davis for a few last hours in the golden state. I’m looking forward to seeing some friends up there that I haven’t seen in a few months, but I’m not looking forward to boarding my plane back to Seattle in the evening.

I know it’s time to go back to work, to serve the community and to spend some more time with my kiddos. I do miss our after school program, and know that it will be good to see the kids again, but I will miss the California sun. I won’t be back until July, and by that time, my sister-in-law will be well-with-child, as euphemistically inclined individuals might say. I do hope that I can be here for the birth of the child, and to spend some time here for at least his/her first few days of life. It takes coming home to realize how much I value the relationships here, but it’s a blessing that I’m appreciate while I’m here. Six weeks until I make it to Miami, and three months till Austin. I’m going to get my sunshine in during those weeks the best I can, and otherwise, I will wait patiently for summer in July.