10 Things I Love About Home

Coming home always feels different, especially as I move around more and my concept of home keeps shifting. As one of my friends commented yesterday, “It seems like home is whichever place you are going to.” I believe that’s true. When I’m here in Washington, going home means going back to California, but at the end of my stay here, going home will mean going back to Washington. Right now, home is my childhood home and the pets, friends, and family members that pop in and out multiple times a day. Given that, I wanted to share some of the wonderful things that define this experience of home.

1. Meeting at a bagel shop with friends from high school to tell stories, laugh, and catch up.

2. Mom’s cooking.

3. My kitty!

4. Our adorable Golden Retrievers.

5. Randomly running into friends and acquaintances any time I walk into a store.

6. A warm house whose electricity bill I don’t have to pay.

7. Walks with Dad + the dogs in the evenings.

8. Conversations with anyone and everyone.

9. Fresh veggies from a winter garden.

10. Seeing small changes around town that indicate life moving forward.