Dining in Delightful Davis

I’ve officially been back in California for slightly less than 36 hours, and being here is requiring a bigger mental shift than I anticipated. I find it odd that depending on who I am surrounded by and what city I’m in greatly vary the way I perceive the world.

Coming home to California really feels like going on vacation now. I’ve spent the last 4 1/2 months living an an AmeriCorps stipend where I have proactively reduced expenditures by cooking more and eating out less, using heat sparingly, borrowing books from the library for my entertainment, and limiting my non-basic living expenses. Those habits will be suspended to a certain extent while I am home for these next couple of weeks. I’m still trying to discern where and who all I can manage to see while I’m here, but you better believe I’m going to make the most of this precious time.


Flying in to Sacramento on Wednesday, I stepped into a modern B terminal that has started operating more flights since the last time I flew in to Sac last July. I actually took a shuttle back to the baggage claim, and exited on the East side of the building after waiting 30 minutes for my single checked bag. Woah, SMF, did you just go modern on me?

One of my roommates from my time in Davis picked me up and let me crash on her couch for the night. Getting up in the morning, I realized how much I miss and love Davis, even for all of the negative publicity that it has received in the past few weeks, thanks to one error in judgement from a specific campus police officer. What specifically did I miss?

  • Needing to use sunglasses when I walk outside
  • A homey, small town feeling
  • The view Driving on the causeway into Sacramento
  • Walking in the arboretum on campus
  • Central park
  • Bikes
  • Eating at Crepeville
  • Friends, Roommates, and Classmates that were part of a challenging year

Given all that, you better believe that I made the most of my few hours there. My roommate took  me out for a delicious breakfast at an Austrian bakery on 5th Ave., then another friend who drove over from her home in Santa Rosa wandered through the arboretum with me, and  after a wonderful morning, one of my dear Epic boys met me across from Central Park for lunch at my favorite eatery in Davis. What a wonderful way to start my home-vacation!

So delicious.

Getting my strawberry fix