Mini Fudge Mint Cupcakes

As previously mentioned, I needed to make something for a cookie exchange that is coming up at work on Tuesday. Sunday tends to be an easy day for me to catch up on chores and get some baking done, so I combined a few ideas I’ve seen floating around to create these beauties.

Generally I’m against using box cake mix, but I felt lazy today, so I used it anyway. I added some more chocolate chips, and popped my cupcakes in the oven. I added 1/2  a recipe’s worth of the frosting found at A Cooking Bookworm’s post that served as my main inspiration for this project. I added some of Trader Joe’s Elegant Cocoa Pearls, and topped off the cupcakes with chocolate garnishes, following the instructions from Hostess with the Mostess. 

Overall, my only regret is that I used the box mix, as I feel like boxed mixes don’t taste as well as home made. Oh well! They still look awesome, and I’m pretty sure they’ll go over well at work.