10 Highlights from Operation Santa: 12.17.11

After all of our planning and work, I can’t believe Operation Santa is over. With all of the time we put into it, I feel like I’m still going to have to put in 10+ hours tomorrow doing something. Instead, I’m looking forward to going to church, getting laundry done, and baking more cookies for our cookie exchange at work on Tuesday. I’d love to write a narrative about how this week has changed my perspective on life, but after 65 hours of work, I’m tired, so instead, you just get highlights.

  1. Tears in a mother’s eyes when she saw how much her family received from the county’s Department of Agriculture.
  2. Overhearing a conversation where women who were wrapping gifts next to each other became close enough friends to exchange contact information and commit to getting together in the near  future.
  3. A high school student who offered to help me with whatever was needed.
  4. The mother, son, and daughter team that played together, laughed together, and manned the stocking stuffer room.
  5. Watching a newly engaged couple wrap gifts together.
  6. Receiving evaluations from volunteers with high marks about the day’s events.
  7. Having five AmeriCorps members around to work with, and having one person from my life group help with the event.
  8. Knowing that over 500 kids will at least have new clothes, socks, underwear, and toys for Christmas that they might not otherwise have had.
  9. A beautiful sunrise starting off the day, sunshine during the event, and an equally beautiful sunset as I drove home.
  10. Talking to my parents on the phone after everything was done, knowing that I’ll get to see them five days.