Ready to Give Christmas, Final OS countdown

The countdown can finally end. After two months, Operation Santa is in it’s final countdown. Sign in sheets are printed, arrows are laid out on the floor, and all of the adopted families’ presents are bagged up and ready to be picked up. The coats are all hung on their racks with care, not quite knowing the families that will soon be there. I made it home at 10 tonight, more than an hour earlier than last night, and I’m enjoying a little Survivor before I go to bed tonight and wake up for the big day tomorrow.

So thankful for sunny skies on the drive down. A welcome relief after the usual grey.

Where a good portion of my day was spent. Setting up the stocking stuffer room for parents to pick up stuffed animals, books, and small toys.

Food bank clients will also get to pick up these sacks with stuffing and canned food, a turkey or chicken, and some potatoes and onions.

For families that were adopted. This makes me realize how impossible it would be for Santa to deliver everybody’s presents in one night, as well as how big of a bag that would necessitate. Sorry, Polar Express, I’m just not hearing that bell ring.