Generosity in Poverty: Countdown to OS, Day 2

Yesterday I managed to put in a 14 hour day at work, and I’m rather tired at this point in the process. With all of this time, I am appreciative of the fact that the staff at my office get along so well, and that there are small moments for humor in what is amounting to be a very long week. Even with the long hours, I am so excited and motivated to get everything put together for tomorrow. We have had so many donations and volunteers supporting us in this community services event that I cannot help but feel blessed. We have received many generous donations from community members, board members, tribe members, the sheriff’s office, Toys for Tots, and offices, both public and privately owned. My favorite so far may have been from the class of preschoolers who each brought in a present to lay on my coworker’s desk. There was a little bit of confusion when it came to them having to leave the presents they carried for other children, but eventually, they understood that they were giving  them and not getting them, so things worked out. They climbed back on their brightly painted little school bus after oohing and aahing at all of the presents.

We have had individuals go out shopping for pants, socks, and underwear for us while we set up the Santa Store. We’re 95% done with the store, so we’ll finish that up today and then set up the Stocking Stuffer, Volunteer, and Gift Wrapping rooms.