Holiday Treats and Sweets: Peppermint Bark

One of my friends from college flew up from Los Angeles to visit me this weekend. After eating at a cafe and before watching The Nutcracker, we made four delectable holiday desserts that I will be giving to my friends and coworkers this week. I’ll upload in a four part installment, so keep watch this week for all four delicious desserts!

The simplest recipe of our four was Peppermint Bark.

We followed these directions:
1. Prepare one bag each of milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.

2. Crush candy cane pieces.3. Melt and spread two kinds of chocolate one at a time, allowing them to cool in the fridge between layers. Milk chocolate first, then white chocolate4. Push crushed candy cane pieces into top of white chocolate, and return to refrigerator. 5. Break peppermint bark slab into pieces and enjoy.

Everything worked out well for us, except for the fact that the candy cane pieces didn’t entirely stick to the white chocolate. We think that this is because we let the white chocolate sit for a minute before we tried to put the candy cane pieces in. Lesson learned: next time, be quick with the peppermint addition!