Trending: Pretty Packages with a Natural Base

I love making the insides of my homes match the outside world. I think that this love is a reflection of my desire to constantly be outside. I dress up my life in light flower prints in Spring, bright colors to reflect the blues and yellows of summer water and sun, and yellows, oranges, and reds as leaves turn colors in the fall. I bring these color combinations into our homes in fabrics, decorations, gifts, and cards. Right now I’m loving the trend that I’ve seen in blogs and magazines–a natural, muted brown base contrasted with bright gold, green, and red.

Burlap, jute, twine, and brown postal paper all emit a feeling of homeyness that serves as a great neutral base. Use seasonal ribbon, fabric, buttons, leaves, flowers, pine cones and berries to contrast the brown packaging. Stamp on designs, use glitter, lace, fleece, or yarn. Make it your own and have fun with it. I wrapped this gift today for a white elephant gift exchange coming up in a couple of days. I used some postal wrapping paper from the dollar store, added fake holly berries and ribbon from goodwill, and stuck in a few sections of pine needles that I found outside on a walk the other day. I still feel like it’s missing some sort of ornamentation in the middle, but overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

Wrapped with a natural base and seasonal accents

Brown postal paper, double sided ribbon, pine, and holly berries

For gift wrapping inspiration, check out Older and Wisor, a great blog with all kinds of creative gift wrapping and packaging.

Aside from this base, what non-traditional wrapping papers do you like to use for gifts and home decor?