Time Off and the Feeling of Christmas

Today I got the day off from work. We still don’t have heat, the power company keeps pushing back the time when we’ll actually be on the grid again, and I since I babysat last weekend and my parents were here the weekend before, I haven’t had a full day off for quite some time. Initially, I was a bit sad to acknowledge that this year is the first year that I am not spending Thanksgiving with my family in California, but I will be with them in a month, and I am going to appreciate traveling only a few miles to have Thanksgiving with a friend tomorrow, instead of hundreds of miles with half of the U.S. tomorrow. On my first of five consecutive days off today, I woke up at 6:30 this morning, full of excitement. My house mate happened to be up as well, and when she came out of her room, I told her that it felt like Christmas. That very statement, once uttered, gave me motivation for my day–I decided to decorate for Christmas.

Those of you who know me well know that I love decorating, and you may also know that I’ve been waiting for the year when I had a place of my own that I get  to decorate to my heart’s content. This is the year, dear friends, tho just that. My budget isn’t so grandiose that I can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, but I think even if my income was greater, I would still consider that a waste of money. That said, I trekked off to Goodwill’s Christmas store (yes, an entire Goodwill store with all kinds of imaginable Christmas goods), and purchased ornaments, decor, ribbons, and a couple of gold plates. I came home and spent three hours putting everything together in a manner that tickled my decorating fancy.

I am so proud of the tree, and of a ribbon and ornament garland that I made. I also baked some cream cheese pumpkin muffins today, and ate sweet potato fries for dinner. I finished up the day by doing laundry and uploading the pictures of my handiwork. Now, it’s off to go do some reading, because what would a day off be if I didn’t get some reading in?