The Appearance of Peace

It snowed this morning.

I woke up this morning to find snow falling outside my window. This might not be such an amazing experience to someone who has grown up in a place where it snows, but for a girl from the middle of California, it’s rather spectacular. I’ve seen snow before, played in it, walked on it, snowshoed, skiied, and snowboarded, but I’ve never lived in a place where it snows more than once a decade. Therefore, I was a little in awe this morning when I saw snow falling outside. It only fell for a couple of hours, and didn’t last past noon, but there was something special about it while it was falling.

The snow covered everything, and I thought about it as a way of covering the brokenness of the earth. Having a white blanket over the ground, houses, cars, and yards made me feel like this was God’s way of saying that everything can be made right again. What is ugly and broken, as well as what is already functional, can be covered and purified. It brought me some peace and furthered my optimism for the week. There wasn’t enough that I had to worry about it while I was driving around mid- morning, but enough for me to appreciate the experience and take some pictures. It’s below freezing again tonight, but the skies are clear, so it looks as if I’ll be waiting a while before I see a winter wonderland in my yard again.