Knowledge, My Heart

Endless invention, endless experiment, brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness…where is the life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?- T.S. Eliot

I’ve had this quote up on my facebook profile for a couple of years, and now it stands in my living room, framed as a reminder that there is more to life than knowing. But goodness do I love knowing and learning and reading and hearing. I want to know why things work the way they do and how and when. I want answers to questions that I didn’t even know I could ask, and I want to be able to see the world and understand each part of it a little bit more. I’ve always been this way, but I didn’t realize until a couple of years ago just how special it is that I loved school, always did my homework, and even completed my reading assignments in college when I was required to read multiple books a week. Lately, my reading has turned to non-fiction and I’ve read a lot more about the real world. I’ve started listening to podcasts like Stuff You Should Know and  Freakonomics. I get TIME magazine, and I check up on other news sources. I want to be in the know about most everything except pop culture. Lately I’ve spent far too much time on pinterest, loking at ideas for things to do and make, without actually doing so.

Everything I just said builds up to the fact that I am attending an information session for a graduate program at a local college tomorrow. I’m researching programs, and contemplating the future. I’ve been out of school for less than six months, and I’m itching to go back. School is safe and comfortable. I know how to do it, and what it means to succeed. It is a place where I can spend my time reading and accruing knowledge without having it seem utterly impractical. However, it’s expensive and even though I love it, I know that I need some time in the real world, away from the comfort and familiarity of the role of student. Though it is quite possible for me to easily slip into the role of perpetual student, I will not do it. I will explore and travel and learn through experience. I will experiment with crafts and be okay with the world if everything doesn’t turn out perfectly. I will sit in stillness and know that it is there, and I will live, in my books and in the world, taking the knowledge I have gained and bringing it with me to new places and people. Ah, but words are addictive and I want more of them until I can no longer contain them in my head. Even though I’m not pursuing English now, there’s a good reason it was the heart of my undergrad experience.

Knowledge is my heart, and words the key to unlock it.