Ideas and Aspirations

From my stuffed craft armoire (and yes, that is where my craft supplies live) to my pinterest boards, I’m full of ideas about things that I want to make and do, as well as places I’d like to visit and live. Thing is, I’m pretty comfortable with those ideas remaining ideas. I keep reading and searching and admiring and buying and it seems like I don’t actually make any of the things that I want to. I’ve got several projects that are all set to go, but I haven’t actually done anything on them. A couple have signs of progress, but I don’t really get past the starting gate. I don’t know what the block is that is preventing me from making progress. Maybe it’s like when I used to scrapbook a lot–I needed the right inspiration and mood.

I’m too tired to work on my projects after I get home from work during the week, an then on the weekend I spend my time reading, running errands, and cooking/baking. I know that it would take several hours to do any of the projects that I have set out in front of me and even though I am excited about what the finished products would be, I still can’t convince myself to do them. I would much rather read and learn more about techniques and theories, but somehow I get lost in my head about all of the ideas. I love planning things, even if I know that I will never get to do them. This is especially true and fine with trips to far-off places, but I’d rather like it if I could convince myself to actually do some of the things I’ve set before me in the here and now.

However, today I am staying true to fashion and I will spend the remainder of the day reading. Maybe I’ll craft tomorrow, but I suspect that this will not be the case. Hopefully inspiration will strike when I have five consecutive days off at Thanksgiving later this month. Until then, I’ve got visitors coming next weekend (my parents!) and I am babysitting a young girl the weekend before Thanksgiving. I’ve got some service projects to help out with for my team members’ solo projects in the next few weeks, and we have a couple of crazy weeks at work where we’ll be on generator power while they install the power to our new heating system. They’ve told us that it will be up and running after Thanksgiving, so I’m looking forward to that, and the day where my source of heat will no longer be a space heater. Fingers crossed that we’ll have heat, because 40 degrees inside does not a fun work day make.