Apple Cider

Today I felt like a Washingtonian, perhaps for the first time. One of my friends from my home town is visiting for the weekend, and we’re having a grand festive time. Yesterday we made chicken noodle soup from scratch, then hung out with some people on my team for a Halloween party. This morning we started the day off with some homemade wheat crepes with a strawberry glaze. Yummy as all of this is, the highlight for food so far has been the eats that have tantalized my taste buds the most were at a cider pressing party this afternoon, a festive occasion for friends and family to capitalize on a harvest of apples grown on what primarily functions as a blueberry farm. We had a delicious spread which included barbecued chicken drumsticks with a blueberry sauce, apple fritters, brownies, and blueberry cobbler.

We took our turns at the cider press and walked away with two gallons of fresh pressed apple juice. The weather today was gorgeous, about 60 degrees with white puffy clouds and no rain. The leaves are gorgeous colors right now and I exulted in the opportunity to spend time outside. Tomorrow we’re heading to Seattle for more food at Pike’s Place Market and a Dia de los Muertos celebration. I love having visitors.

I’m also starting a project out of the duvet cover that I set out to make. I want everyone who is a major part of my life this year to have their personal touch on the cover, and with that, my friend is currently appliqueing an apple to commemorate our day. Then, it’s time to relax with a movie. With that, October is pretty much over. Not a bad end to the month in my book.