Live Simply, Give Generously

I’m currently embroidering and appliqueing this phrase onto what will be a duvet cover when I’m done. It’s going to take several hours of investment and love, but that’s part of the point. I’m making an investment in order to create something beautiful. I think that I may try to make this simple phrase something of a motto for my life, something to aspire to. I’m fully convinced that it is who I am in my heart, who God is fashioning me into, that is important. It doesn’t matter so much how many degrees I have or the amount of money in my bank account. What matters is that I love him and love others, and part of that is living a life of simplicity that allows me to give to others.

I’m giving to others with my time, talent, and financial resources. Even though I’m not making much money this year, I still want to donate to my missionary friends, to my church, to worldwide charitable organizations, and to partake in microfinancing through Kiva. I’m looking for a particular Kiva cause or group right now though, and I’m trying to find one that really strikes a chord with my heart. I want to support others to accomplish good things with their lives.

Too bad having a good heart isn’t enough to put food on the table and a roof overhead. I’ve been doing interviews the past few days for parents and guardians who are looking for support with the gifts they want to be able to give to their children for Christmas. Their stories are touching, and each one melts my heart a little bit more. Not as much, however, as the third grader in our after school program who told me today that he doesn’t have any pencils at home. Kids like that and stories like the ones I’m hearing in these interviews are why I do what I do.

I wish I didn’t need sleep so I could read and sew and craft all night, but I’ve still got work waiting tomorrow, so it’s time to say goodnight to my lovely words and threads.