Big Thoughts and Little Dreams

Hi Friends,

Again, my apologies for absence and silence. I’ve been doing that thing again where I think about the future in a major way. We had a big AmeriCorps event on Friday in Seattle. This was my first trip to Seattle, though I’m looking forward to returning again next weekend. There were several speakers from current and former members of AmeriCorps and despite some of the complaints from my coworkers, I really enjoyed the day. We had to meet the bus at 7 (not fun), but I’m okay with that, as my body has naturally been waking up between 6:15 and 6:45 recently.

Also of note is the fact that I found a grad program that I would love to enroll in for Fall 2013 at the University of Texas, Austin. I’m going to be doing more research over the next few months and if I still feel the way I do now in six months or so, I’ll be looking for AmeriCorps/ “real job” openings in Texas in order to establish residency and set up for the following year. I’ve decided that I really enjoy the non-profit world and would like to pursue an administrative role with a community services/education nonprofit similar to the one where I am currently working. We’ll see how the year goes, ey?

Weekends are lovely. They provide time for cooking, baking, chatting with friends, and crafting. Soon, it’s going to be a time for visits from home.