Br. It’s Cold in Here

I know that some people love the cold, but I am not one of them. I wanted to move here because I thought it would be more temperate than most of the other states in the country that get lots of winter snow. I don’t mind visiting the snow, but I want to be able to go inside and feel roasty-toasty warm. Well, somewhere between my own and my roommate’s frugality, plus a non-functioning heating system at work, I haven’t been warm in weeks. I’m currently wearing three layers, including a lightweight fleece and a sweatshirt. Problem? It’s only October. There have been three or four nights this week where the outside temperature has dipped below 40. For me, this is more typical of December weather, not October. It’s still 80 degrees at home these days, and I miss the sun’s warm hugs.

I miss T-shirts and skirts, tank tops and dresses. I miss dressing up for work, and dressing down to visit the gym. Especially now that I’m looking at sewing, all of the things that I think are adorable are dresses. Apparently, I need to stock up on leggings and thick tights.

Looking forward to a visit from a friend in 10 days. It’ll be nice to see a familiar face, cause it’s still two months until I get to see my homeland California again.