A Soup Kind of Day

Today I am tired. I don’t know if it’s from the kids being louder and more excited than usual, the fact that I actually made it to the gym for zumba, or the fact that I was challenged a bit at work to step beyond my comfort zones. I have quickly become the person in charge of projects-arts & crafts- at work, and I love it. Hah. I can’t believe that two weeks ago I was complaining about not having anything to do. Things have definitely picked up and now I can’t believe how fast the clock is moving.

I’m loving the time that I actually have to spend with the kids, 1st grade-junior high. I love the fact that they can call me by my first name, that I’m not solely responsible for 30+ of them at one specific point in time, and that I can actually develop relationships with them.

Since I’m tired, it’s going to be soup for dinner tonight, and then reading, and then an early bedtime.

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow, and give a little wink. We’ve got two half days back to back, which means we have the kids for 5 hours instead of two. Lord have mercy.