In the Kitchen

I apologize to you if you have missed me, or if you have noticed my decrease in frequency of posting lately. I’ve been in the kitchen, developing my prowess and repertoire of recipes. In the last few days, I have made for the first time:

  • coconut rice with a mango, cucumber, and scallop salsa
  • whole wheat bread
  • no bake  peanut butter cookies (which I realized are vegan and gluten free)
  • apple flax bread
Now my refrigerator is pretty full. The no bake cookies were for a tasting for the food bank at work, and the coconut rice concoction is for a surprise potluck for my director’s birthday at work tomorrow. That still means that I have two different breads. I really like the whole wheat bread, sweetened with honey. The apple flax bread, well, it definitely tastes healthy. I think it needs more sugar. But now there is a lot of food in my fridge, and I know it will take me a while to eat it. A couple of weeks ago I read an idea about freezing soup in silicone muffin containers so that you can thaw 2-3 for a serving at a later point in time. I plan on doing this soon…when I actually make a whole pot of soup. I also got a crockpot with a cow pattern on it today, as I left my crock pot in California and it is way more economical for me to buy another one than to get the one I already had (that means, if any of you in California want a crock pot, just let me know.)
I haven’t always enjoyed cooking. I loved baking, if only to see the lights in someone else’s eyes when they savored something I had made. Now, there is joy for me in the creativity of it all. Oh, and, by the way, I had two servings of meat last week: one for dinner with a potluck with friends, and one the next day when I had leftovers. Really, this whole not-eating-very-much-meat thing isn’t so bad. It’s another change in life that I’m glad I’ve made, and yet another one that I didn’t think would pop up in my life.
I’ve posted a lot of links to recipes that I want to try, or at least that I think look good, on my pinterest. If you want recipes or links, let me know. I added a page to the blog that has information about the bread I made. I’ll try to update it with dishes that I’m really proud of or think would be great to share. I hope that at least one of you will be inspired by this. I haven’t eaten out in three weeks, and while I do wish that someone else was around to do the dishes or cook for me once in a while, I still think this is pretty good.