Epic House

Dear Epic House,

I miss you and all that you represent in my life. I’m baking delicious cookies tonight and I wish that I could bring you some. I know that you technically don’t exist anymore, since each person that made you a special home away from home have now moved to different homes and cities. You were an excellent place for me to go on weeknights and weekends when I wanted to watch a movie or wanted someone to talk to. You were the site for the creation of many wonderful and completely random memories, late night conversations, and game nights. I have to admit, when I was trying to figure out where to move this year, I considered moving back so that I could be close to you. As much as I knew that I needed to move on with my life instead of regressing, there was also a temptation to see what life would be like if I did go back and see you again. That’s the thing about going back, though, is that things are never what you remember them being. Though I remember you being a spot of comfort, there were also days where I had hopes for you that you did not fulfill. So I’ll be okay with keeping the memories that you gave when you were the most wonderful apartment around.

All my love,