Love and War

For the fact that I feel the need to write, and for the fact that I am simultaneously far too entangled in my own thoughts and too tired to express what’s on my mind, I’m going back to my original “Daily Post” prompt for today.

Today’s Question: “Is all fair in love and war?”



We have wars that are unjust and love that is misguided. We live in a broken world. Life isn’t fair, as my mother often told me when I was younger. It’s funny to think of how much kids worry about what is fair and unfair. As if worrying about it will actually change anything about the situation. Love and war both make me sad. War, because there is so much destruction inherent in its activities, and love, because there is so much pain in our lack of ability to love perfectly.

War and love both seem pretty natural for people; they’ve been elements of life for the entirity of man’s existence on this earth. Conflicts are bound to happen, and even after thousands of years, it appears impossible for people and political states to come to peaceful resolutions to those conflicts.

Why do conflicts exist? Depends on who you ask. An economist, a lawyer, and an anarchist will all have very different answers for you.

Last year, when I sat down with the vice principal at the high school I was teaching in, he asked, “how do you feel about discipline?” to which I responded with a sad smile with a hint of a sarcastic twinge, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Competition of resources, ore time, of relationships. Some people are bigger and stronger, or have more money, or more connections. They know how to manipulate others and play the system, but what they don’t know is how to get their needs met without hurting the people around them. Sigh. I still wish we could all get along, but I know that won’t happen. I also know that I have to buck up on my behavior management when our after school program starts on the 3rd of October. I’m looking forward to meeting the kids and having someone around to love again, and to invest in, but I’m also nervous.

And love…? Well, it’s not fair either. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a mutual break up, and the investment of individuals into relationships, romantic or otherwise, is often unbalanced. You just go with the ebb and flow of things, and thank God that the casualties are not as apparently permanent as the lives lost on a battlefield. But loving still sometimes results in the casualties of broken hearts and broken lives, as we all learn time and time again, that there is nothing fair about living in this broken world.

I try to ignore the brokenness and love anyway. To resolve conflicts peacefully and live my life in a way that will assist others towards greater equality, even in the midst of acknowledging that we’ll never get there in this lifetime.

Sigh. It’s only 9:30, and I’m tired. Apparently, me being tired means little inspiration to write, ,and less of a positive outlook than what is normal for myself. Hopefully tomorrow will be less working and more fulfilling. But now, it’s time to attend to the last of my laundry, and sleep.