Exciting Images

Today was a pretty exciting day for me for two reasons.

1) I received my dad’s Canon G10 and the fabric scraps my mom included in the packaging.
2) I signed up for a pinterest account, and thus spent much of my day looking at pretty things. (If you’re interested in wasting your time doing the same, feel free to search my board via the username blondeanteater). I first found out about pinterest from one of my roommates last year, but then I was too busy to do anything with that knowledge. However, by now, things have changed somewhat and I have the time both to look at pretty things and to indulge in creating pretty things.

I was very excited to come home and create something after looking at these ideas all day long. I got home and took a few shots of the work I’ve done on the living room, but everything is half done. It’s waiting for me to finish working on the things I’ve started. I’m finally spending time in the living room instead of my bedroom in my free time, but it’s still odd to be living here by myself. I’m really enjoying reading Little House on a Small Planet. It’s taking me longer to get through than some of my other books, but that’s because I really want to absorb what it has to offer. One thing that is emphasized in the section I’m reading now  is having a lot of people live together in order to make living spaces actually livable. So I’m going through the effort of making this space habitable and enjoyable, but who is going to enjoy it with me? Not my roommate, who isn’t often home. Not my family, for they live hundreds of miles away. And friends…? Well, apparently something I need to work on some more. It’s too quiet, and no level of music or streaming video can drown out this silence. I missed a call from a friend I haven’t heard from in months. I haven’t seen my roommate in over 48 hours. It’s time to go spread some fabric out and ponder a pillow design.

I feel like I’ve got to create something, but I’m scared of the sewing machine, but it’s exciting at the same time. Maybe I’ll design tonight, and actually work on something tomorrow.