Lazy Sunday

For the past few weeks, I’ve put finding a church community on hold. I picked a church the first week I moved here, went there with my dad, and kept attending. It wasn’t necessarily that I thought it was a great church, but unlike the previous cities I’ve lived in, I didn’t have anyone here to tell me, “Go to this church. You’ll love it.” Being connected with and involved in a small church body is absolutely essential for my well-being. It’s like exercise: I know when I haven’t been doing what I should. This morning I woke up suddenly with the thought on my heart and mind that I needed to find a different church to attend today. I needed to stop being lazy, and I needed to be proactive about getting involved with a community of believers. Rare is the occasion where I hear God’s calling that strongly in my own life, but this was about as direct as I could hear it. I don’t know why it seems like I’d be happier with someone telling me what to do. Maybe it’s the idea that the extra work could be taken out of it, and I wouldn’t have to put myself out there where there is bound to be some amount of discomfort.

So I turned to yelp. Probably not the best way, but it’s what I have, and because of my adventures there, I will be trying out a new church this morning. It’s smaller, and I have high hopes of connecting with people there. No more justifications or laziness. It’s not right for me to live the life at home that I’ve been living, and it’s time for me to be connected in this community beyond the Americorps team.