I have been pretty silent about my faith since I moved here though I guess I was pretty silent before I moved here too. I was reminded today that there is more to my life than what I would do to please myself, and I remembered a few other lessons I’ve learned along the way as well.

I can feel the difference in my days if I begin them securely  in Him, or if I try to rush through my morning preparations without acknowledging him and his role in my life. I often forget to thank Him for the new day that he has brought me, and I generally regard that time as more of a nuisance than a joyful investment. Today I remembered so many conversations where friends and mentors have challenged me about the kind of box that I put God in, or the times that I have simply pretended that his existence ceased. I remembered points that had struck me with conviction, and found myself with a readjusted perspective.

Truths, accumulated over the years:

* God is the only place my security can lay that is actually secure. No relationship, job, location, educational attainment, project or vacation will ever hold the security, purpose, and identity that He gives.

*Going to church is not about what I can get out of the experience. It’s about meeting together with other people who believe that God is Lord, worshiping Him, and hopefully making connections that will increase our ability to go out, serving and teaching people around us.

*In the eyes of God, I am not any better than any other person, and I am no worse than any other person. I am a sinner, saved by grace, who has chosen to live my life in light of the calling He placed on me. He does not love me any more for making this commitment, and he does not love me less than someone who has a greater amount of ….well, anything.

*His fingerprints are everywhere and can be found when I least expect to see them.

*I can do good things with my life all day long, but if I do not do them for his glory, they are empty. (1 Cor 13, anyone?)

*Anything worth having is worth working for. If it is easy, it’s not worth much.

*Jesus did not come to bring peace to the world. He brought division. He said things that people did not want to hear, and he told us that we would face challenges for living the life that he called us to live.

Often, I hear people talking about how God is love. This is true. He is love and grace and goodness. But he is still God. He is powerful, and he deserves a life dedicated to him, and not to ourselves. This is something I need to remember, and it is something that I need to allow to impact my life, daily.