Beauty, Applied

I love beauty, and beautifying. Not in the sense of make up and fashionable clothes and expensive attention to temporal matters, but the kind with meaning behind it. I have written about beauty before, and a note from three years ago still haunts my facebook page. Sometimes this adoration manifests itself in photographs of nature, or of sincere smiles. It is rarely found in a pose, but rather in a spontaneous, or characteristic, act of compassion. Beautiful people make others want to be beautiful too. They inspire kindness and warmth, generosity and joy. I hope that the people in my life would find my life to be inspiring of some aspect of goodness and beauty.

My adoration of Beauty can also be found in my time investment in reading books about architecture and interior design & decorating. Fun fact: in high school, I entertained the idea of being an interior designer. I’m happy I didn’t pursue that as a career path, but I still like the subject. Lately, you’ve heard some about me looking at books about tiny houses and small spaces, but now I am excited to announce that there is a tangible connection between those books and my real life. *gasp* Something tangible from my reading material? You better believe it. I caught my roommate in a rare day of free time on Sunday, and we put our heads (and belongings) together for an excellent base to a living-room remodel. It all began by her walking in to the living room where I had shifted around chairs, tables, and a bookshelf. It evolved into us trading our “dining” table for a worn-down outdoors table set that was in the garage. As the day passed, our ambition grew. We purchased paint and borrowed a sander from our landlord. My roommate is refinishing the table, and I am adding my passion for detail (yes, I really did use the word passion in that sentence) to the room. Imbibing the spirit of all things sustainable and inexpensive, we went to goodwill for decorations. We ended up with some fabulous candle-holders, picture frames, and drapes. My roommate posted our TV on craigslist, as neither of us have used it for anything in the last month, and we set to work.

Now, this is a process and I have hopes of adding more DIY items, including floor cushions, to the room. I want this place to feel like home. My past roommates know that I’ve hidden in my room during free time, and that I rarely ventured into common living areas. There is something exciting for me now about being able to decorate an entire living space to be cohesive, and to feel like home. I want to welcome friends and visitors into this place and let them feel its warmth. I love walking in to homes where you know there is love. Literally, it can be felt in the air. I hope that this duplex will be a home where friends can walk in and feel love, where we can eat together and talk, and where the air is easy to breathe. When all is done, I may post pictures online. I hope that is what it will take to feel like home, because if that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what else I can do.