Two big steps today: One, officially transferring my vehicle ownership and driver’s license so that it matches my new home, and two, cliff jumping.

Though the second of these two events appears more dramatic, it is the former what strikes me as more significant. Multiple times this week, I’ve been hit by the thought that this is where I live. I’ve finalized the documentation to prove that this is where I live. The only thing I didn’t switch over is where I vote. I’ll still receive an absentee ballot from my hometown, though I don’t really know why I felt like I needed to hold on to that part of myself.

I am questioning my identity as a person in this new place. I fell into this place where it is normal to think twice about where you purchase your food, what ingredients or chemicals have been put into your food, and where recycling is so much of a norm, that you will receive dirty looks if you do not recycle something. I’ve been reading all of these bits and pieces about small houses, and I think I want one. Of course, it is unlikely that I will actually end up living in a “small house”, but I am intrigued by the idea. I feel like making the commitment to live in a small house is a commitment to a specific lifestyle, and there is a large part of my that wants to live that life. To let go of my material possessions and obsessions, to live in a space that is just big enough for what I need, and to live simply.

Getting my car’s plates switched over and getting a license for this place is a way of me saying that I am open to becoming a part of this place. I am open to the possibility of staying. I am also open to the possibility of leaving, but that should be fairly obvious, given what’s already been stated. It’s funny how far I’ve come, geographically and in my personhood, since June 2010 when I moved out of Orange County. I’ve grown, and I will continue to grow and find more adventures along the way. It may mean jumping off rocks or living in small spaces, but whatever it is, it is not going to be what I have known my life to be before this year.