To Meat or not to Meat

Part of me thinks it’s sad that I’ve resorted to a cliche of stealing Hamlet’s most-quoted line for my title, but a larger part of me doesn’t care too much about being cliche right now.

I keep watching all these documentaries on vegetarianism and why it’s a better way to live. Each one convinces me a little big more, and something inside me is shifting. I might try it for a few weeks and see how things go. Maybe I’ll work myself up to it and have a “no meat October” or something like that. I don’t think it would be all that difficult, but I could be wrong.


I skipped writing yesterday, and today’s post is short, as well. It has been exactly four weeks since I moved out of my last apartment. Yesterday I was hit by a small dose of homesickness for what our apartment was, and for what my family home is. I miss my cat and my parents, my roommates and my cohort. Members of my cohort will join together this weekend for a MA orientation that I opted out of. Knowing that makes this decision even more real (you know, as if living here for a month wasn’t real enough). I won’t be home again for over three more months. I think three months is the longest I’ve gone without going home. I need to develop connections here, to build relationships and make this place a new home. It’s beautiful, but I’m not going to enjoy it for all that it could be if I stay inside by myself. Time to be bold, time to be brave. Sigh. Time to work at developing new relationships, for the second year in a row.