My Small Space

While I was driving home today, I started thinking about how excited I was to be able to go home and read the books that I have right now. That’s right. I picked up another one. Currently, I have 8 books checked out from the library. Today’s acquisition is Little House on a Small Planet by Shay Salomon. I’m feeling this Small House Movement, trying to figure out how I could (one day) incorporate these ideas into my own life. Also checked out along this theme, I currently have Jay Shafer’s The Small House Book and the very exciting The Not so Big House by Kire Obolensky. For me, the big idea about all of this is how to live a life that isn’t about square footage or the number of rooms in a house, but how livable a house is. Moving to a new state precipitated thoughts about how much living space and how many material goods I really need.

I really admire people who have small apartments/homes, and who decorate them well. Over the past few years,  I have spent most of my non-working time in my bedroom. It’s where I read, where I have done my paperwork, and where I talk on the phone. I’ve decorated it and made it my own. Now, I’m in a duplex and my roommate is hardly ever home. This place could feel like mine, except that the living room does not feel homey. This is one of my missions–to make the living room feel like home, so that the entire place feels like home, not just my room. I actually really like coming home to a place that is mine and no one else’s. When I made this move, I thought about living by myself and was worried that if I did that, I would be lonely. Nope. I love having the time and space to read and learn and to simply be. While it is true that it would be good for me to make an effort to spend time with people a couple nights a week, I’m quite content with things as they are now. If you’ll excuse me, there are some books waiting to be read, and there are only a few more waking hours to this day.