Child of the Earth

I stood amidst the trees, wondering whether the ground upon which I stood were someone’s yard or a part of the natural habitat, left untouched by human hands. We dined on various vegan friendly veggie dishes and salsas, and conversed about a project to deliver filtered drinking water to families in need. Suddenly, three individuals stood before us, individuals who looked as if they had sprouted from the earth. My companions welcomed them to our meal and invited them to partake. One of the three questioned if the spread before him was vegan-friendly, and he in turn received an affirmative answer.  He ate a small tomato, and inquired into the nature of the gathering, searching for information.

We transitioned from a table to chairs set in a semi-circle, pointed towards a projection screen where we were to learn more about this mysterious exchange business that circumvented the use of traditional currency. The three newcomers joined us in our chairs, and it was then that I had time to observe these three whose ages are much closer to my own, but who did not look as if they belonged to the world of humanity with which I interact on a regular basis. It was not the two young men that I noticed but rather the girl who struck me.

She could be my age, plus or minus a couple of years. It was not the bull-ring piercing or the beginnings of her dreadlocks that struck me. Rather, it was how natural she was. Really, there’s no better way to say it. She wore a dress, appropriate for the warmer weather this week. Her skin glowed with a tan ten shades darker than my skin will ever turn, and on each part of her body that was not covered by the dress, she boasted blond hair (even on her legs) that contrasted with her tan skin. Her right foot housed a family of quail, with four little birds following their mother in their race towards her toes. She sat between the two guys that she came with, and a short while later, thanked us for the beautiful words that were spoken, and slipped out of our enchanted meeting, feet still bare, to return to the world from which she came.

Clearly, I am not in California any more.