Down by the River

Today was solid, though it ended with immersion. I’ve been told that the months of August and September are the best to be here, and I think I understand why. It is absolutely gorgeous here. I love the mountains and trees and rivers and how everything is green. I chose my undergraduate campus largely because of the weather and the beautiful park it housed, but this place dwarfs that park in every aspect. I feel more at peace and at home surrounded by nature. I always sought it as an escape whenever life felt overwhelming. I loved going to camp because it gave me an opportunity to smell the trees and feel the dirt, but now I have that for at least 11 months. There’s something that simply resonates with my soul when there are dynamic clouds setting the mood and the trees catch sunlight gently streaming through the canopy overhead.

After we logged our hours listening to paperwork prescriptions, we spent more time at the local Eastside co-op, painting a sign that said “Green trimmings only” for the compost pile out front and making signs to identify the six crab apple trees that liven up the parking lot’s medians. However, the best part was after all of this, when six of us went down by the river and splashed around for a bit. A week ago I was shivering at the park, searching for sunlight to sit in, and wondering if I was going to ever feel warm again. Well, this week’s upper seventy degree weather somehow seemed warm enough to go swimming in a lake of snow melt, and thus we went in. Growing up with the icy waters of Lake Tahoe, this is nothing. It sprinkled on us as we drove to the river and as we were leaving, but instead of being annoying, it was refreshing. I’ve had lots of quality time with people on my team this week, and I am appreciative and thankful for these growing relationships. I start at my actual job site next Monday, so there won’t be as much opportunity for this then, and I know to enjoy it while it lasts.  My sense of time is completely messed up. I can’t believe that I was saying my goodbyes merely two weeks ago and getting ready to pack up and move. I live in a very different world now, and right now, I’m liking what I see.