Where did today go? It’s after 10:30 already and nearing my bed time, but I felt like I needed to post today, as I slacked over the weekend on my commitment to blogging. I was busy running errands and hanging out with people from my team. I’m excited that I have these people to hang out with, and I’m really encouraged and enjoying the relationships that I’m already forming on the team. Today was an interesting training on how neglect and abuse can shape a child’s brain, volunteering at the Co-op, going to body flow yoga, and contemplating my own impact on the environment. AKA, it’s only been a week, and they got me! But seriously, folks, part of this transition up here is me figuring out how earth loving I’m going to be.

For the easy search, offers:
or·gan·ic Adjective/ôrˈganik/
1. Of, relating to, or derived from living matter: “organic soils”.

Now, this place is pretty organic. I sense my own evil California ways. Here, it is rare to have a car to drive and even rarer to use it. There are compost heaps, gardens, and recycling everywhere. The farmer’s market is open four days a week. People buy local, support local, volunteer, and donate to one of the two local co-ops. They live in Cooperative Housing and may even sing songs around the campfire in the evenings when it’s not raining. Jury’s still out on the last part.

Today we volunteered at the Co-op as a team pulling weeds and tending to the garden. I’m realizing more how much further I could carry my eco-friendly ways. Question is-am I going to carry them further? It might be interesting to try buying local and organic for this year, buying fruits and veggies in season. I’ve already resolved to try to stay away from processed and packaged goods. I splurged on some nutella yesterday though. I justified it to myself by saying that I wasn’t buying any prepackaged crackers or cookies or ice cream, so therefore I could go with the goodness of hazelnut and chocolate. As stated in a previous entry, this is about being healthier, and in some sense, I think I’m trying to be a better steward of the world around me. It would make sense, then, that I would work at the Co-op and buy local and organic, fighting the pesticide era of mass food production, and not purchasing food from brands like Tyson, whose list of bad press goes on and on.

I’ll think about it, but will probably end of going organic. It makes me sad that I’ll likely be frequently Trader Joe’s less. I’ve grown to love the store. But healthy means fruits and veggies, Greek yogurt and oatmeal that I sweeten on my own, not with the sugars in prepackaged serving sizes. It means not eating out very often, and getting salads when I can. The hardest part for me will be finding desserts that satisfy my craving for something sweet without all the extra fat and calories. So far I’ve got with the nutella, and sugar and cinnamon mixture. I’m convincing myself that fruit can be dessert, or that I don’t need dessert. I promise you, I won’t wither away into nothing; I’m simply trying to do the best I can with the knowledge I’ve got.